Economy and Business

In parallel with reconstruction process, Bosnia and Herzegovina is in the stage of a positive economic development and economic stability. On five donation conferences, International community - countries and international organizations - BiH friends - committed to donate USD 5.582 billion for BiH reconstruction. The largest donors for BiH reconstruction are European Union (EU), World Bank, the United States of America, Japan and Islamic countries. Within their capabilities, significant contribution to construction and recovery of our country was made by other donors, too.

Almost all main infrastructures were rebuilt in the previous reconstruction process, as well as large number of housing units. Realistic conditions for business investments and development of economy are created.
Besides physical reconstruction, Bosnia and Herzegovina is in the stage of completing reform process of legal system and monetary policy, which will additionally improve conditions for making foreign investments in out country. Thus, BiH today has very stable convertible currency, completely linked to EUR. Convertible mark (BAM), which is BiH currency, is one of the most stable national currencies in the South Eastern Europe.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a valid member of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. In November 2005, our country started negotiations related to the Stabilization and Association Agreement with the European Union. Technical part of negotiations is finished successfully, so Bosnia and Herzegovina  signed this Agreement in 2008.

At the end of 2006, Bosnia and Herzegovina entered the NATO Partnership for Peace Program, with realistic prerequisites for full membership in NATO.
In December 2006, Bosnia and Herzegovina became the member of CEFTA (Central European Free Trade Agreement).
Already in 2000, the development rate had two digits. Inflation is under control and it does not exceed the inflation rate in the European Union.
Main sectors which record economic growth are services and light industry, together with small and medium enterprises (SME) heading the process. Increasing number of foreign investors coming to Bosnia and Herzegovina, amongst which some of the world’s leading players in certain spheres, more apparent development of tourism significantly influence further economic development of our country.

The road Bosnia and Herzegovina took in the previous period - from being the country demolished and devastated by the war to the country which is day by day coming closer to full membership in the Euro Atlantic integrations, in the best way speaks in favor of the stability and economic security that Bosnia and Herzegovina managed to achieve. It is the best confirmation of serious intentions that Bosnia and Herzegovina has, as reliable economy partner and destination interesting for investments.

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