Renunciation from BH Citizenship

Partly available in English.


Total costs amount 6.210,00 NOK


1. The Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia-Herzegovina decides about the case in question.

2. Citizenship of BiH is renounced when a competent authority in BiH issues a decision, accepting the statement of renunciation and when the applicant gets such decision in the Embassy of BiH.

3. When submitting documents from Norway with an "Apostille" certificate (by Fylkesmannen), there is a possibility that such documents should have a certification "Presented as an original document" (by Notary Public - Notarius Publicus)! When supplying translations done in Norway with an "Apostille" certificate (by Fylkesmannen), it is necessary to have certified a signature of the Government Authorized Translator by Notary Public (Notarius Publicus)!

4. The persons who initiate the proceedings of renunciation from BiH citizenship are warned to avoid any traveling until the end of the proceedings!